With the beginning of Lent came the beginning of my first fast. William is a Catholic much like many people in our district. Fasting (wor in Wolof / jeuner in French) is actually really common especially with Muslim people doing Ramadan in May/June. The rules are one meal a day. No snacks. A lot of… Continue reading March


I’ve started visiting an Artist called Assane every Monday. We made a deal where by he teaches me a traditional fabric dyeing technique called Batik and in exchange I’m teaching him English to help with tourism. He has a shop/studio in downtown where I’ve been spending the day.  So essentially you apply hot wax to… Continue reading February 


Im getting behind on my posts I’m very sorry! So we began the month with a wedding. We took a bus with our friends to the other side of town at about 10am. Just remember this is the day after NYE. I was tired to say the least. But we arrived and like any standard… Continue reading January 


Christmas lunch 🙂 Christmas day was spent with many people ! Project Trust Volunteers (right) our hosts the Bodian family -who we eat with lunch/dinner (centre) Fulbright volunteers from America (centre back) The Gates family from America!  Taking a pirogue boat just outside of Cap Skirring The beach over the Christmas holidays :)!